State-of-the-art technological systems in the healthcare sector

The creation of state-of-the-art technological systems in the healthcare sector is also essential for the purposes of safety and risk prevention. For example, in the case of examination rooms hosting diagnostic medical equipment such as an MRI, ventilation systems are very important due to the Faraday cage! The relative humidity inside the exam room is very important and if not well controlled it can compromise the outcome of the exam itself. The positioning of the air vents, the regulation of the air pressure and the measurement of the number of changes/hour are just some of the parameters to consider. Another fundamental element is the magnet cooling system. MRI machines require a significant amount of energy to generate the magnetic field needed for imaging. Energy that produces a lot of heat which, if not managed correctly, can damage the machine or even put patient safety at risk.
To guarantee a constant supply of current it is necessary to create a redundant electrical system.
We are qualified and able to deal with the design and construction of systems serving diagnostic imaging departments.