1100 sqm of “turnkey” prefabricated modular structures

Over 1100 sqm of “turnkey” prefabricated modular structures delivered in just over two months.

In record time, the “Medical” Division of Mobile System delivered three large prefabricated modular spaces to the Sacco Hospital in Milan, thus providing a timely and concrete response to the needs of expanding the hospital facility. In view of important building renovation works, in fact, the Sacco Hospital has chosen our modular solutions to set up temporary clinics and changing rooms in a very short time.

Our achievements in detail:
– A large medical center made up of 52 modules (780 sqm) for a total of 31 examination rooms including medical and clinical ambulatories, infirmaries, blood sampling points, orthopedics, and therapy rooms. To complete the structure, entrance with waiting room, reception, and toilets.
– A 234 sqm changing room with technical room, sanitary facilities, WC for disabled people, and showers.
– A 146 sqm changing room with technical room, sanitary facilities, WC for disabled people, and showers.

Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our team, the entire supply was delivered and installed in just over 60 days, including construction of the basements, and fitting of perfectly functioning systems. An extraordinary result demonstrating the ability of Mobile System and the Gnodi group, to which it belongs, to face complex challenges and promptly respond to customers’ needs.

In fact, the operation required a high level of preparation and organizational capacity from Mobile System that was able to efficiently manage all project phases, from the construction of the systems to the installation, set-up and delivery of modules, completing such an important job in a very short time and, at the same time, assuring high quality standards.
Our modular solutions proved to be the ideal choice. Thanks to their versatility, functionality, and speed of installation, new perfectly functional spaces could be set up, capable of satisfying the needs of both medical staff and patients.

This important supply confirms once again that Mobile System is a reliable partner for companies and institutions requiring rapid and effective solutions for the arrangement of temporary spaces. We offer a wide range of customizable modular solutions, suitable to satisfy the most diverse needs in terms of dimensions, layout, and arrangements.